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Post by Live Reflection | June 13, 2022

What Benefits Can Students Get From Student Housing?

What Benefits Can Students Get From Student Housing?

  In the past, there was only one option for college housing, which was the plain old dorm rooms. But things are different now. Modern off-campus student apartments are reasonably priced and frequently furnished. These student apartments, close to campuses, in towns with lots of services, are a result of innovations in housing design, pricing, and features. Here are some of the biggest benefits students can get from student housing.  

Roommate-Matching Services

  If you never thought about selecting your roommate, then think again. Who you plan on living with can change the overall campus experience for a student. You must carefully evaluate the kind of individuals you are comfortable living with if you opt to live in a shared home or apartment. A good quality student housing will offer you state-of-the-art roommate matching services so you can live with someone you can easily resonate with.  

Easy Commute to Campus

  Moving off-campus won’t compromise your ability to swiftly get to classes because most student housing is close to college and can be reached on foot or by car. However, even a slight distance from the institution gives your life a whole new level of independence.  

Amplified Privacy

  As soon as you move into an off-campus community, those annoying resident assistants (RAs) who watch over your every move in the dorms become a distant memory. But being alone at home has its advantages as well. The majority of flats either have separate bedrooms or have enough different spaces (living rooms, balconies, etc.) so that everyone has a place to call home.  

Better living space

  Students who had lived in the dorms will remark on how much more floor space there is in apartments when touring off-campus apartments near GSU. A dorm features an open floor plan with a studio arrangement, and the kitchen and restroom are shared by all of the occupants. A student apartment is much more comfortable because it has a full kitchen, bathrooms, and separate living areas for each resident.  

Better space for storage

  If you own precious belongings, then living off campus is a good idea only for the closet and cabinet space alone. Utilize the ample storage space available to you rather than placing your clothing, textbooks, and ramen noodle cups in the same storage as you were required to do in a dorm.  

Having a year-long housing contract

  The completion of the academic year does not automatically mean that your life in Georgia comes to an end. While the dorms may be closed during the summer, your apartment is open all year. You can stay in the same apartment throughout college and save the hassle of moving because contracts are also renewable.